The History

BeachPress was started by Justin Sainton. The thought, in March of 2013, was to get a huge beach house, gather a bunch of WordPress developers, and do a dev retreat where people could work together and learn together. Small events focused on the relationships as well as the work didn't exist in the WordPress ecosystem.

After 2 years of BeachPress events, which saw phenomenal success and growth in attendee counts, it was clear that what Justin had created was sorely needed.

Since then we've seen the growth of several other events that have introduced a variety of non-WordCamp dynamics to the ecosystem. From CaboPress (focused on business topics) to Camp Press (helping people detach from tech), people have been exposed to a ton of different ways to connect, grow, network and learn.

But nothing is exactly the same as being on the beach in Oregon, where people may get in the water, but that's not the main thing. The charm is the big house, the group of people (limited to 20 this time), the Oregon coast, and of course, WordPress.

Putting on an event like BeachPress is a lot of work. And then there's the cost. Between the logistics and financing, Justin wasn't ready to jump into 3.0 without a partner.

BeachPress 2018

BeachPress 2018 is being organized and run by both Justin Sainton and Chris Lema, a 2014 alumn.

  • We will have the same flexible breakfast and lunch meal times.
  • We will have the same group dinners.
  • We will have the same lightning talks so everyone can learn & grow.

Co-working doesn't have a lot of rules. You work. Together.

How it works

  • We'll invite some of our early risers to prep breakfast.
  • We'll invite those with more flex in their schedules to prep lunch.
  • People can get up whenever they like, grab food, and then find people to work with.
  • If they need to take calls, they can, and we'll create some quiet spaces for that.
  • We'll gather everyone together "after' work for our evening meal.
  • Each night after dinner, you're free to chat, connect, collaborate, or take a walk.